One And Only In The World! Vegan Mattress Ticking

Sustainable and environmental-friendly products are on the justified rise in our modern times. The rightful and justified reaction of our home, the world towards the violence and oppression sustained for many years.

One And Only In The World! Vegan Mattress Ticking

Increasing melting of the glacier, mass mortality of living beings, sudden climate changes, natural disasters and many more mounting evidences indicate that we are now living in the inevitable era, a period in where “we reap what we sow”.


Developed By Boyteks R&D Team

Acting with that awareness as Boyteks, we pledge ourselves to expand our product range towards this direction with sustainability and environmental-friendly policies. In this context, we feature the sustainability as far forth as we can in the entire consumption items within our manufacturing lines in our factories. In this task of ours of preserving the nature and refraining from inflicting damage to the nature, we have decided to include a product to our product range for our lovely friends, living with us and the real owners of this world. Developed by our Boyteks R&D teams as a result of long-term endeavors, Vegan mattress ticking aims to develop ethical and environmental-friendly alternatives in which animals are not used for the sake and common good of humans and the universe. 

Certified by European Vegan Union

Vegan mattress ticking is a product not containing any processes related to the animals in its entire manufacturing stages, manufactured by entirely natural yarns and certified by international accreditation bodies. Certified by European Vegan Union, our Vegan mattress ticking supports the philosophy and a lifestyle exploiting the animals for food, clothing or any other purposes, rejecting the entire actions oppressing them and trying to prevent those as far as possible. The entire tests and controls of Vegan mattress ticking are performed within the certification program and the entire processes including the raw materials, from the beginning manufacturing process to the finished product are monitored.

How About Trying The Most Innocent State Of Sleep?

We aim to develop solely a mattress ticking with the Vegan mattress ticking, we have included in our product range as Boyteks. We regard the animals, subject of the life, as individuals with feelings such as pain, suffering, happiness and compassion and intrinsic fundamental rights having the ability to feel.

Experience the most innocent state of sleep with Vegan mattress ticking!

2021 Pantone Renkleri

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