The closest image quality to reality is now in your bed

As Boyteks, we have been pioneering innovations in the field of sleep technologies for many years. Never compromising on perfection, we are now bringing the closest image quality to reality to our fabrics with our technological innovations that do not slow down. In our 28K concept, we have created a brand new style by combining modern patterns with fine, elegant, lace motifs. With our products that we produce in our 28 FAYN machines, we emphasise elegance to the finest detail, and we are moving to a whole new dimension in mattress fabric. Thanks to the new technologies we have developed, we design much higher resolution products with thinner yarn and offer you patterns in high resolution and in detail. We have developed the 28K concept by producing the fabrics that we have produced so far with woven-like and Rhythm 3 as Rhythm 2 and Rhythm 4 with new patterns and a unique resolution. We used a colour palette consisting of grey, beige, blue and navy blue colours in your concept. With our new product range of Ritim 3 and Ritim 4 in the range of 250-370 grams, we have obtained more impressive, clearer and more detailed patterns than ever before. Meet our 28K concept and live life vividly with all its details.
28 elegant, fine details in the quality of faience reveal a sense of infinity with proportionate, harmonious, calm and noble figures. From a modern point of view, it features rich fabrics with discreet and perfect colour harmony, as well as details reminiscent of the artistic craftsmanship of the Renaissance. The use of perspective and light combines ideal and eye-pleasing pieces.


ParchmentPANTONE 13-0908 TCX
Charcoal GrayPANTONE 18-0601 TCX
CaviarPANTONE 18-0601 TCX



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