Ensuring the following provisions is the lnformation Security Management System of BOYTEKS A.Ş. 
  • Security is ensured through granting authorized access to information. 
  • lnformation integrity is ensured by protecting against unauthorized alterations and recording the performed alterations. 
  • When information is required, access is ensured by making available tor authorized users access. 
  • The entire policies and procedures supporting this policy are applied and implemented by each unit within the scope and restrictions. The entire legal requirements are satisfied. 
  • Awareness is ensured by providing continuing training to the entire employees regarding the information security. 
  • The entire information security vulnerabilities and suspicious situations determined shall be reported to the relevant parties. Continuous improvements

1. Determining the values of information assets through appropriate risk assessment, acknowledging the weaknesses and threats imposing risk to information assets and minimizing the risks to reasonable levels. 
2. Fulfilment of the requirements of the ıaws through the design, implementation and maintaining the lnformation Security Management System.
3. Preserving and securing the reliability and the image of the enterprise.
4. Complying with the terms and conditions of the entire customer agreements regarding the information security.
5. Ensuring the business continuity of the enterprise.
6. Ensuring the compliance with TS ısa IEC 27001 and maintaining the compliance.