Boyteks, the leading investment of Erciyes Anadolu Holding, one of the biggest groups of Turkey, in the textile sector, carries out all stages from yarn to fabric production in its fully integrated facilities operating with ERP system. Boyteks, one of the world's largest mattress ticking manufacturers with fully integrated facilities, stands out as one of the leading brands of industrial textiles on a global scale.

Boyteks Integrated Management System Policy

To continuously improve the objectives of integrated management systems in accordance with the purpose of our company, the internal and external issues that it has determined, support its strategic direction.

To produce in an open to developments, customer-oriented and efficient manner

To produce objective and unbiased solutions in the solution of all kinds of requests and complaints from customers

To ensure safe and healthy working conditions in the working environment to prevent work-related injuries and health deterioration

Taking actions to eliminate the dangers of integrated management systems and reduce risks

To reduce environmental pollutants using environmentally compatible materials and technology

To prefer energy efficient consuming technology products and to increase our energy efficiency in production activities

Providing a better working environment for its employees

As Boyteks, in all our activities, we are committed to raising awareness of all our employees through training, ensuring their participation in the system, providing the resources required by the system, and continuously improving the Integrated Management Systemby complying with legal regulations.