IoT Based, ASRS, and AGV Integrated Warehouse Management System

Storage/warehousing and stock-keeping are among the essential processes of manufacturing companies.

IoT Based, ASRS, and AGV Integrated Warehouse Management System

Investments made in these areas are of the ultimate essence to ensure that finished products kept in the stocks are maintained under correct and ideal conditions before delivering the same to the customer and that the right products reach the right customers.


We observe that various innovative technologies like IoT are included in the process, and users of these technologies step ahead equipped with a leading edge.

As Boyteks, we support our innovative operations in mattress fabrics with the latest technology systems used in the processes ranging from manufacturing and storage up to shipment. We are recording via sophisticated software programs and encoding methods several details like storing the products at appropriate conditions and at correct temperatures, which mattress fabric that has been transformed into finished product belongs to which customer, and ensuring that they are kept and maintained under high rise stacking system ready for shipment as and when our customers so desire.

All mattress fabrics produced by using such Technologies as RFID and Faraday Cage are addressed and duly registered in the name of our customers. Although months might have passed since the production of the mattress fabric, it is kept available for shipment upon our customer's request. Thanks to sophisticated sensors and software programs, human error is minimized. Furthermore, employing rapid stock control, products are kept available in our warehouses for the prompt response and instant shipment.

As Boyteks, we are attentive to using any technologies from manufacturing to shipment to contribute to our customer-oriented approach.

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