Helps remove negative energy and static electricity away from the BodyHelps remove negative energy and static electricity away from the Body
Helps minimize the stress and exhaustion with superior conductibilityHelps minimize the stress and exhaustion with superior conductibility
High-Tech yarn for Anti-static and anti-stress sleep comfortHigh-Tech yarn for Anti-static and anti-stress sleep comfort



The Technology That Has No Space For Stress!

The technology that has no space for stress! Stress complicates life! Stress varies from person to person. Controlling stress gets harder day by day. The stress we experience for various reasons in many different areas of our life has a negative impact on our bodies. It deteriorates our quality of life and reduces our productivity. This accumulation of stress increases over time and we really do not have a lot of time to get rid of it.

Is it Possible to Relax During Sleep?

Our sleep time is a period of renewal against the stresses of the day. This is only true if we have the right sleeping conditions for sure. Graphene Mattress ticking tecnology innovative product provides the right setting for a good sleep.

The Material of the Future is Now Used in Mattress Fabric

Development increases the need for new materials all the time. “Comfort” is moving in a new direction with the addition of new features. People expect fabrics to provide advantages other than just appearance and comfort. Graphene brings the technology of the new era to your bed with antistatic features.

The Unique Structure of Graphene on Sleep Technologies

The new age is an age of innovation. Innovation creates unique structures at a molecular level. The world is getting acquainted with new materials and technologies. A material that is 1 million times thinner than human hair can add amazing features to products with its high conductivity form.

What is Graphene?

Graphene is described as a new age material and creates the base for great ground-breaking work in many sectors of our day. This material provides high efficiency in a number of different fields from water impermeability to resilience, from nature friendly processes like purification to electronic devices produced with advanced technology. Graphene also holds an important place in the field of the textile sector called smart fabrics. Threads made with Graphene now add a magical power to Boyteks mattress fabrics. The revolution created by carbon in different fields is now being experienced in products using Graphene.

A Tension Free Sleep

Graphene’s feature of being such a good conductor makes it possible to get rid of static electricity and the tension related to this. The antistatic effect alone, out of all the other features of Graphene, protects our bodies against the electrical build up that can have a negative impact on our bodies during sleep. Plus the strong bonds that Graphene achieves make fabric last longer.


Anti Stress
Anti Stress
Anti Static
Anti Static
Future Technology
Future Technology
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Test Reports

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