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A Little Courage And A Little Color Will Leave Mark On The Year of 2022!

While organic paint is trending in the production of colors, the paints obtained from plants will influence the brands in these days, where sustainability comes into prominence in every field.

A Little Courage And A Little Color Will Leave Mark On The Year of 2022!

Color Trends Of 2022 Have Been Announced!

Although the year of 2020 has not ended yet, the color trends of the year 2022 have already been announced. The color forecasts of the WGSN, the British trend forecasting company have already influenced fashion world. It is said that the forecasts made by the company will shape the fashion industry in 2022. Here are those colors!

The coronavirus epidemic that occurred in Wuhan, China has affected the whole world. Life across the world has come to a standstill. However, by bringing the cases under control gradually, life returns to normal. The fashion industry manifests this best. Color experts from WGSN, the British trend forecasting company gathered to reveal the colors that will be trending in the spring of 2022.

Here Are The Trendy Colors Of 2022!

Here Are The Trendy Colors Of 2022!

According to the official statement from WGSN, it was indicated that ‘‘With prolonged periods of isolation, nature and the vitality of nature will have a clear appeal, but as communication through digital means becomes a more necessary and valuable part of everyday life, technology will also become more valuable, The colors will reflect this duality, ranging from authentic organic tones to artificially developed tones.’’

Here Are Those Colors!

Orchid Pink

The vibrant pink, anticipated to come to the forefront, is expected to be used especially in swimwear and evening dresses.

Olive Oil Green

Olive oil green will be trendy. This rich color is expected to be used predominantly in the business attire, underwear shoes and accessories.

Butter Yellow

The yellowish cream color will continue to be seen in readymade clothing items and will be included in underwear collections.

Mango Sorbe Color

The color consisting of bright orange and yellow is expected to stand out in marine wear and sportswear.

Atlantic Blue

It is anticipated that the color, which is a mixture of organic indigo and ocean blue, will be used in basic clothing and sportswear.

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