TREND  June  2021

New Members of Exclusive Series

The year 2020 was a period literally just the opposite of the word ‘ordinary’ for the whole world. The Covid-19 pandemic, one of the most challenging tests of humanity, has established new normals in every field. Although we have experienced adaptation process to the new normals in a painful manner, we, as humanit, have somehow managed to tackle with this extraordinary situation and have started to receive the fruits of our labor recently. However, this process also revealed some facts.

New Members of Exclusive Series

We realized that many things we were not even aware in fact have vital importance.
In this process, as humans, we realized more clearly that in our daily hustle and bustle, we forgot how precious things we have, that how valuable is the act of breathing, deemed ordinary, that the simple act of hand washing saves lives, that we can prevent diseases once we know the ways, that taking care of ourselves and our sleep is essential.
This whole process was also reflected in our innovation efforts. Three words namely "Hygiene - Technology - Design” constitute the our focal point for the year 2021 - 2022.
Our products introduced in this context are designed to provide us with a better sleep environment, composing 1/3 of our lives. These products;


VGuard mattress fabric, introduced in the first months of 2020, is one of the leading products of our 2021-2022 vision. VGuard mattress fabric has been developed to reduce contamination caused by viruses and to provide the clients a more hygienic and healthy sleep environment. VGuard mattress fabric is a non-medical alternative textile product with antiviral properties.
2021 Yılı Exclusive Serinin Yeni Üyeleri
So How Does VGuard Work?
VGuard's special formula, produced by using high-activity antiviral materials, has been transferred to mattress fabric by means of special processes. VGuard technology helps to damage the protein and lipid layers of viruses through the high oxidation feature.   When these fabrics with antiviral features bring into contact with viruses, they break down the outer structures of the viruses and thus help to neutralize the viruses. In this manner, a much more hygienic and healthy sleep environment is created.

VGuard has been tested according to the test method of the international antiviral test standard ISO 18184 (Determination of antiviral activity of textiles) to provide you a healthy sleep.


In this extraordinary process, the importance of all stakeholders in life has been another issue that we realized across the world. It is a known fact that we, as Boyteks, have always attached importance to environment and sustainability, but we decided to take this issue to an upper level, in other words we considered the animals, and Vegan mattress fabric came out.

Veganism, in its simplest definition, is the refusal to use animals and consume any animal products. When the textile products with vegan content are concerned, the materials such as leather, fur, bone, gelatin, wool, cashmere, angora, silk are not used and  not allowed to test on animals.

2021 Yılı Exclusive Serinin Yeni Üyeleri
Millions of animals suffer and die every year because of various textile products. If the process involves an animal, it necessarily involves cruelty no matter the type of material or where it came from.  In addition, too much chemicals and tons of water are used to clean animal products and make them suitable for textiles, which poses a risk to both health and the environment. This is not fair at all considering that every living thing has the right to live. As Boyteks, we have developed a fabric that does not include any animal content or process with the awareness of this responsibility.
Vegan mattress fabric is designed with Boyteks' superior technology and environmentally friendly approach to provide a better sleep environment without harming people, the planet and animals.
Vegan mattress fabric;

  • Does not contain products derived from animal sources.

  • It is environmentally friendly and ecological.

  • Not tested on animals.

  • Products with herbal content are preferred.

  • It is sustainable.


Another product we have added to our series is Propolis mattress fabric.  As you know, Propolis is a very popular product produced by bees by processing the resinous substances collected from plant buds and secretions. Propolis+ mattress fabric has been developed to contribute to the immune system of people, especially during the pandemic process we are in.
2021 Yılı Exclusive Serinin Yeni Üyeleri
Propolis+ helps to increase your sleep quality through the protective components and multivitamins it contains. In addition to propolis content, this product also contains vitamins C and E, ginger. 
Propolis+ mattress fabric;

  • It has natural contents.

  • Contains vitamin C, vitamin E and ginger.

  • It has an antioxidant effect due to its content,

  • Does not irritate the skin.

  • Washable.

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