9  March  2021

KTO and Boyteks Cooperation Continues

KTO and Boyteks Cooperation Continues

KTO and Boyteks Cooperation Continues

84 Employees Qualified for Professional Competence Certificate in scope of Mahir Eller Project.

84 Boyteks A.Ş. employee who entered the Professional Competence Exam which is organized to make a contribution to Qualified Workforce in scope of “Mahir Eller Projesi” in cooperation with Kayseri Chamber of Commerce - Boyteks A.Ş. was awarded a certificate. The documents were given to their owners by Ömer Gülsoy, the President of the Kayseri Chamber of Commerce with the ceremony held within the Kayseri Chamber of Commerce.

Our General Manager Mehmet Yıldız explained the following in his statement:

“Our friends attended in this project. The “Mahir Eller” Project created awareness for us especially in scope of the Professional Competence Certification Process. The formation of qualified personnel and the certification of these personnel will make a serious contribution. We wish to thank Kayseri Chamber of Commerce for performing this project. We consider potential attendances in different branches. We attended in the form of machine maintenance, steel welder and bridge crane operator in scope of the project. Our participation in other branches will continue. I also thank my friends. They were awarded a certification following a successful period. Best wishes to everyone.” said.

President Gülsoy who speaks at the ceremony said that, "84 people from BOYTEKS A.Ş. are entitled to obtain certificate for the Professional Competence Certificate exam. As “Mahir Eller” Project financed by the Europe Union, our goal here is to increase qualified workforce and obtain Professional Competence Certificate to people up to 15 thousand throughout the country with this project conducted in 12 cities. And this is a support provided for Turkey economy. Furthermore, we provide employment support to 63 personnel of BOYTEKS A.Ş. for five months in scope of project employment support. Our project continues with the coordination of Kayseri Chamber of Commerce. “

Source: https://www.kayserito.org.tr/haberler/baskanlik-haberleri/ktoda-boyteks-as-calisanlarina-mesleki-yeterlilik-belgeleri-baskan-gulsoy-tarafindan-verildi