Four season ideal sleep temperature!

Hot and then cold

Heat change in sleep is one of the main feature that effects sleep quality. If the deviation of sleep temperature is too much, it effects sleep comfort negative. Boyteks has put an end to extreme temperature differences with ClimaSmart mattress ticking. ClimaSmart is a high technology fabric treated with phase changing microcapsules.

How PCM works?

The phase changing material inside the capsule becomes a liquid while capturing heat. Conversely, when body temperature begins to fall due to lower room temperature, then the same phase changing microcapsules release the captured heat to minimize the coolness. ClimaSmart helps maintain sleep temperature within the comfort zone. The hot and cold balancing feature of ClimaSmart developed by Boyteks is durable to washing and provide long lasting comfort.

Features of ClimaSmart mattress ticking

  • Thermo-regulation
  • PCM technology (Phase Change Material)
  • Microcapsule technology
  • Superior sleep comfort
  • Washable

The smart thermal regulation system acts as a buffer protecting the body from extreme temperature conditions, thereby improving sleep comfort.


Phase Change Materials
Phase Change Materials
Thermal Regulation
Thermal Regulation

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