Integrated Management System Policy

In all of our operations as Boyteks we are committed to;

  • Conducting production that is open to development, customer focused and efficient,
  • Using materials and technology in harmony with the environment and reducing pollutants,
  • Reducing work accidents with awareness for our social responsibility,
  • Using energy efficiently to increase our energy efficiency.
  • Providing objective and neutral solutions to any demands and complaints submitted by our customers,

And with this objective we are committed to educating all our employees through training, ensuring their participation, supplying the resources the system needs and complying with all legal regulations to constantly improve our Integrated Management System.



To contribute to the country’s economy and create added value as a corporate, dynamic, innovative and reliable company.


“To maintain our strong position in the local market, to keep a competitive edge with all product groups in the markets that are entered, increase market share and become a world leader”