As one of industrial design’s most important and innovative brands in the world, Boyteks continues to provide more comfort, aesthetics, quality and value to life with a R&D department that is constantly updated with the technology of the future and maintains its dynamism. Our export to over one hundred countries, our brand value and our power is proof of the size we have achieved.

As the Boyteks R&D team we add different and innovative features to fabric so it is not just a cover for mattresses any more. We design for human health and to increase the quality of life. We are proud to be a brand without rivals in the international market with our innovative products. With the fabrics our R&D team develops with technology we respond to new needs and enrich our innovative product variety.

Our magnetic mattress fabric is one of our most recent innovative products that our R&D crew has worked on meticulously and brought to life. As Boyteks we have developed a magnetic mattress fabric to help eliminate the negative effects of a decreased magnetic field in our present day. The melatonin hormone and magnetic field have to be at a certain level for a good and healthy sleep. With the magnetic field created by the magnetic fabric the magnetic field, an effect that is missed throughout sleep, is provided with the fabric and the melatonin level is increased.

This magnetic therapy we experience while we sleep decreases cortisol, the stress hormone, and helps relieve joint and muscle pain. Thus the quality of sleep is improved and you wake up feeling more rested.

We aim to conduct all our operations being open to developments, focusing on customers and being more efficient. In order to use materials and technology that is in harmony with the environment while doing this, we use the power of science. We use energy productively and discuss ways to increase our energy efficiency, because as Boyteks our goal is to constantly add value to life with the power of design and innovation and honor human life with products that can be used for many years with pleasure.

Özkan Yıldızhan / Boyteks Kayseri
R&D Manager