As Boyteks we place great importance on the user experience. We don’t just produce products for our customers; we produce design ideas that are part of life and accompany them in their best moments. We are always in search of new and creative ideas to put a smile on the consumer’s face from the beginning of the production process to sales and after sales. In this context we place importance on the effective use of technology and mobile applications. We establish communication with our customers at the beginning of the production process and take their satisfaction to the maximum level.

Every piece of fabric we touch with technology turns into a product that adds value to life, makes your private time more comfortable and more special and increases the quality of living. Boyteks Studio is an application we have provided for use as a natural result of our innovative approach and our consumer oriented perspective that acts as a consultant to our customers throughout the production process.

Our Boyteks Studio application, which we brought to life with our marketing team, can be described as a simulation program that can be used on the web and an iPad both online and offline. Our customers can use this program to apply patterns to mattresses in a digital setting and see, in advance, the mattresses they are imagining before production. This service we have provided as an innovative step, gives our customers important advantages to accelerate work processes and stay ahead of problems that can occur after production. With Boyteks Studio, patterns and fabrics are customized in detail based on the collection and concept that is chosen. Boyteks customers can thus not only be included in the design process by adding their subjective aesthetic concerns but they can achieve the comfort and quality they deserve with the satisfaction of a customized approach.