Boyteks, a company that derives its strength from technology and its inspiration from nature, prepares all its collections on advanced technology design programs. Our expert design team follows the latest trends and not only analyzes the changing and varying expectations of customers but directs trends with a vision into the suture as a trendsetter. The much talked about Boyteks is a number one choice with its designs among industrial purchasers all over the world, for mattress fabric. Boyteks has even become a brand that is followed and even imitated by its competitors for its unique designs.

As the Boyteks family we have been making important investments in design over recent years. We are constantly out in the field and with our customers, along with our collection and sales crews. We are attentive to their demands and see their satisfaction as our priority. Our passion for innovation and constant development is based on this need to satisfy. We work with our utmost power to add value to life with each new collection we prepare with a brand new perspective.

Boyteks, which also works with Italian design companies, provides distinctive solutions in decoration with collections combining hundreds of colors with unique and elegant patterns. During this process of design with high aesthetic emotion, where dreams turn into reality, where correct and tangible decisions are made, the current needs of the market are responded to and technology and marketing are utilized together; we have taken our confidence in design to a whole new level.

Our jumbo jacquard patterns, which add a whole new dimension to design and aesthetics, are an idea born with this excitement and one which has been greeted with great enthusiasm in the sector. These large patterns applied to the entire mattress, which are not repeated like the small patterns we are accustomed to, provide uniqueness in appearance and have created a whole new course for itself in the market.

Our jumbo jacquard patterns, which have brought new life to ordinary mattress fabrics, provide mattress producers with added value. Producers, who can now present products covered in jumbo jacquard designs with a more aesthetic appearance in shop windows, are getting very positive feedback from consumers.

Having developed many innovations to date, Boyteks continues research and development to create new innovations with an expert R&D crew. While providing naturalness and unlimited pattern options with our collections we have designed over a wide range from traditional to modern, we keep the style and design expectations of our customer at a selective and liberal level as much as possible. We continue to be a leader of innovation in the sector with the innovative products we develop.

Seçkin Balta / Boyteks Kayseri
Product Development Manager