The Efficient Way To Battle Against Bacteria

Microorganisms need a surface as well as conditions providing heat, humidity and nutrients to grow and develop. That is why they often thrive in bed textiles and mattresses. Antimicrobial products are used to secure hygiene and to avoid proliferation of germs & microorganisms, which can induce serious health threats.

Some bacteria are good, and we even need them to stay healthy. But some are harmful to our health and can cause allergies, infections and malodour. The same goes for dust mites. Dustmites and their waste products, which are one of the most common causes of allergy and skin irritation on humans. The Fresche® mattress ticking developed by Boyteks helps prevent and reduce microbial health risks.


How Does Fresche® Work?
Boyteks has developed the Fresche® mattress ticking to the substrate, providing a durable and outstanding antimicrobial protection which is based on the silane quaternary ammonium technology. The active ingredient in it is an extract from coconuts collected from a sustainable plantation. It offers a healthy lifestyle. It keeps its antimicrobial effectiveness even after multiple washes.


The Advantages of Fresche® Mattress Ticking

  • Provides durable protection to the substrate against bacteria, dust mites and fungi
  • Its content is natural
  • Optimal solution in cases where hygiene has high priority, such as hospitals and hotels
  • Safe for human health and the environment
  • Conforms OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • Biocide European Regulation Registered
  • EPA registered
  • Wash durable

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