Natural solution against bacteria

What is probiotic bacteria?

Although most bacteria are known to cause diseases, they aren’t always the hazardous creatures we make them out to be. Alongside the harmful ones, there are also plenty of helpful bacteria that are actually good for us. They help protect our bodies against pathogenic bacteria that cause diseases.

The friendly bacteria provide natural protection, and aren’t considered to be pathogenic or toxic for human, animal or plant health. Probiotic bacteria are amongst these harmless organisms. Probiotic bacteria feed off of the nourishment sources available in their surroundings to multiply, and over time manage to take over the domain of harmful bacteria, thereby stabilizing the rate of growth of unwanted microorganisms and actually helping to maintain the natural balance of life. As a result, probiotic products used in a wide range of products, especially in food stuffs, work as natural prevention against the growth and breeding of harmful bacteria.

Discover how Boyteks does Proactive mattress ticking

Of all our living spaces, mattress is one of the places that harmful bacteria multiply the easiest. Mattress that is for the most part ideal environments for amassing dirt and dust provide ideal environments for dust and dirt loving bacteria and house mites. Boyteks set out to develop probiotic technology for use in mattress ticking, as an all-natural and effective protection against the risk to human health abound. This technology called as “Proactive”. Discover how Boyteks does it.
Probiotic bacteria applied in mattress ticking through specially developed methods, multiply by feeding off of the food sources available in their surroundings, and over time, take over the domain and food sources of hazardous bacteria. Having lost their sources of food and living areas, hazardous bacteria, eventually move away.

Dust mite population on mattress

The advantages of Proactive mattress ticking

•  All-natural application differently from common anti-bacterial applications.
•  Provides natural protection by effectively preventing the growth of hazardous bacteria, fungi and dust-mites.
•  Helps reduce the allergic effects of dust mites.
•  Helps reduce the incidence of unwanted odors that are the result of bacteria.
•  Completely for human health.

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