Antimicrobial shield

Hygienic and pleasurable sleep

Bacteria and microbes are everywhere… In the air, on our bodies, everywhere we touch as well as on our mattresses… Mattresses where we are most defenseless are now under Aegis control for hygienic and pleasurable sleep! Aegis mattress ticking helps remove harmful microorganisms by destroying their cell walls and also provides maximum protection against microbes for years.

How it works?

Each microbe is challenged by 15.000-25.000 Aegis protection tools. This technology also rids your bed of harmful microorganisms by breaking down their cell walls. Aegis features are immitigable, therefore its antibacterial properties continue to fight bacteria and prevent odors for years providing superior freshness all night.

The advantages of Aegis mattress ticking

• Active freshness: Prevents the occurrence of bad odors caused by fungi and bacteria in textiles.
• Active hygiene: Destroys fungi and bacteria that microorganisms live on and prevents their reproduction.
• Human and environmentally friendly: Does not include arsenic, heavy metals or polychlor phenol compounds. Provides superior protection for human health and is environmentally friendly.
• Immitigable: Antibacterial features continue for a long time and withstands many washings.
• Mechanical effect: Does not allow microbes to become resistant through mutation. This technology, which just eliminates microorganisms in textile materials, has no influence on beneficial microorganisms to the skin.

Superior protection technology of Aegis has world renown accreditation certificates
• C.A.S., Nr. 27668-52-6
• EPA, Nr. 64881-2 for the USA
• BPD Certificate, Nr. N605 for Europe
• First and sole article, Nr. 6606B, registered for Belgium
• OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Anti Bacterial

Environment Friendly


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