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  • Does not effect the touch, pile, look, pliability or air flow features negatively.
  • Supports the environment by minimizing the need to wash frequently; thereby saving on water, energy and detergent.
  • Nanoclean helps make textiles more durable and longer wearing.
  • Nanoclean is durable to friction and pressure yet does not compromise on comfort, feel, pliability or free air flow.
  • Nanoclean’s impermeability, dirt and oil repellancy is unmatched to date. Catsup, coffee, honey, red wine and many other materials are easily cleaned off from nano structured surfaces.
  • Nanoclean’s protective features remain active even after 50-80 washings at up to 75 degrees.
  • Nanoclean does not require use of softeners.
  • Ironing improves Nanoclean’s performance.



Lotus leaves and fly wings are always clean. Water droplets and dust do not stick to their surface. This phenomenon is called “nanoclean” , in other words, easy clean effect. Inspired by the lotus and the wings of the fly, Boyteks has concentrated on easy clean fabrics. Nanoclean is an easy clean, ecologically sound and multi-functional technology boosting your comfort at home living. Nanoclean complies with the Bluesign Standard, posing no danger to human health or the environment.


Energy Saving

Safe and Clean

Easy to Clean

Nano Technology

Water and Stain Repellent