During trend and fashion are determining the request of use or possession of the style for humans within a certain time of period, it is possible to see these concepts as a magic mirror from which societies, traditions, events and technologies are reflected.

There exist many factors belonging you regardless of east-west, real-visual, now-past, establishing a common feeling platform, where you see reflections surrendering yourself to the magic of 2018-2019 trends.

Let your sensations, creativity and feelings come into prominence with new trends in an entirely new world.

Boyteks Trend

Intelligent Yellow

We talk about not a single tone of yellow but golden yellow, mustard, olive oil yellow and the brightness of the sun. The time extracted the yellow from the color of insanity and made it the color of technology, variation and dynamism. The yellow became the color of new generation in today’s so dynamic age.


Green Design

We are not mentioning a color when talking about green, we talk about design products consisting of sustainable materials. Now, recyclable or biodegradable products attract attention of the precise customers much more and many big brands continues to make effort to bridge this gap in market with fashionable design elements faster than past trends.

Boyteks Trend
Boyteks Trend

Perfect Harmony of the Inconsistency

Asymmetrical designs simultaneously use of sharp and round lines, zigzags, materials against with each other... This design values rising from punk fashion trend gain a new place in this year.



Brick walls, worn surfaces, old objects... The popularity of vintage fashion seems never to get to its end. In a time where industrial elegance is in great demand the popularity of vintage fashion, probably are the common points for escaping from working life and gray office environments.

Boyteks Trend