Integrated Management System

We produce maximum quality with minimum error. We conduct the quality control and analysis processes, from the moment raw materials come in until the finishing procedures, at the chemical and quality control laboratories in line with this.

We select our employees from among the best at their jobs, keep the team spirit alive and provide constant training to equip them with modern production techniques.

The quality policy of International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) member Boyteks, which operates as a company sensitive to occupational safety and respect for the environment as much as product quality with Oeko-Tex, ISO 9000, 10002, 14000, 50001 and 18001 certifications, has been built on elevating quality and Boyteks fulfills all requirements of this policy on the road to company goals.




The compliance of Boyteks’s management systems showing consistent development both in product and production quality, with the TSE ISO EN 9000 quality standards has been certified by the TSE on 28.06.2007.


TSE ISO 10002

Boyteks’s neutral, unprejudiced, transparent handling of customer complaints and fulfillment of ISO 10002 management system requirements was certified by the TSE on 04.04.2011.


TSE ISO EN 14000

Boyteks is a company that has social awareness in quality and production matters as much as in environmental issues. The compliance of Boyteks’s environmental management system, which enables the necessary policies and objectives to be developed and applied taking legal conditions into account, with the TSE ISO EN 14000 standards was certified by the TSE on 04.07.2007.


TS EN ISO 50001

The compliance of Boyteks, where efficient use of energy is a principle, with the TS-EN-ISO 50001 Energy Management System Conditions was certified by the TSE on 04.07.2012.


TS 18001

The TSE certified that Boyteks, a company with the required awareness for occupational health and safety, controls OHS risks and meets the OHS management system requirements to achieve more performance on 04.07.2007.

TS ISO IEC 27001

TS ISO IEC 27001

Boyteks’s fulfillment of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Standard conditions has been certified by the TSE.