“Shining” Products From Boyteks

“Shining” Products From Boyteks
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The carpet, since 6th Century BC when it’s first started to be woven, has always been in the living spaces. Due to the ever existence of carpet in the limelight in most of the history of humanity, the carpets have always been developed and improved always through attractive and intriguing visual works.

Boyteks Rugs & Carpet, with the awareness and acknowledgment of the visual effects on the carpets, focuses its R&D works on the utilization and effects of the carpets in order to enable this feature not only being decorative-focused. Boyteks Rugs & Carpet, together with specific pattern works advancing in line with these works, blended human health with the quality of the materials utilized in carpets. Because the most significant possession of humans is their health. Boyteks Rugs & Carpet carries on its works and endeavours in due diligence in order to contribute to healthy lives of its customers without spending extra efforts by integrating the human health and wellness with carpet together. In addition to all these, Boyteks Rugs & Carpet enhances and restores its quality through features such as soft and smooth touching and handling and ease of cleanability.

  Within this context, Boyteks Rugs & Carpet presents its innovative products with special works and endeavours. Among those; the Biorytmic Carpet, which assists to increase your body communication, StressFree Carpet, which relieves your daily stress and facilitates to provide you with more relaxed day, Triple Fresh Carpet, which provides the ones sharing your living space with a clean and fresh atmosphere by eliminating the undesired odours in your room and Cooler, which brings coolness together with your feet in hot days. These innovative products are certified and verified with the test reports obtained from independent bodies and transformed carpet, which plays a passive role in human lives, to an active instrument of utilization for humans.