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The mysterious atmosphere of the past and the practical accessibility of contemporary life… Classical designs in every aspect always receive a great deal of attention of users. Fine details in the work of arts and complementarity in the continuum created by these fine details ensures the classical work of arts to maintain their actuality. The nostalgia in human nature is increasingly rising together with today’s consumption frenzy and this contributes to enhance the perception towards the value of classical work of arts. Evolving modern life and rapid pace of life are adapting the evaluation criteria of visual work of arts to this fast pace of living. In this context, the consumers increasingly intensify their attention on more practical visual elements. Boyteks Carpet brings its Himalaya collection to life to present the nostalgia and evolving viewpoint of contemporary life together. Patterns in the Himalaya collection both refer to the classical work of arts and reveal modern styles. Even though it is quite difficult to capture two entirely distinctive styles in one presentation, Boyteks Carpet pattern team successfully accomplished this magnificent synthesis while having the justified pride of winning the favour of users. Thanks to its Himalaya Collection, Boyteks Carpet achieved to build a bridge between the classical and modern patterns and created its own unique style.

Milano Kids

The children, due to the eagerness and interest in their nature towards learning, touch everything new and take to their mouths. While being attentive to even the smallest toys for their wellbeing and health, we definitely should not forget to take the same care with our household goods. Boyteks Carpet utilizes the patterns appealing to their worlds as well as anti-allergic and anti-dust products in their carpets manufactured for children together with the extensive colour preferences. Being elaborative with the health of children as well as the pattern and carpet quality of carpets for children are indications of the emphasis of Boyteks Carpet placed on future generations. Within this scope, R&D and product development processes are particularly elaborated. Boyteks Carpet pattern design team, making delicate and finical selections regarding the pattern selection in carpets for children, creates its drawings and artworks by ideally blending the puerile excitements and joy with its know-how. While trendy colours are predominantly used, colours enriching the spiritual worlds of children and supporting the feelings of the children such as trust are chosen for colour preferences.