Fabric Is Not Only An Upholstery Material Anymore

Fabric Is Not Only An Upholstery Material Anymore
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Boyteks Textile, as a fabric manufacturer, aims to differentiate the interest of people towards fabrics and the furniture products comprising of fabrics accordingly as well as develop standard fabric qualities. In order to achieve this purpose, the manufacturing and R&D operations are performed within the framework of product quality, genuine pattern practices and innovation.

BOYTEKS, aiming at manufacturing fabrics that support the human health and render comfortable living spaces from standard fabrics and putting that into practice successfully, enhances the importance of fabrics in furniture sector. Furthermore, BOYTEKS, not only offering easy-to-clean products but also fabrics increasing the body communication and therefore enhancing the body balance, presents its products and many innovative solutions such as fabrics not only cleaning the product but also cleaning the ambient air to furniture manufacturers through distinctive marketing methods. Previously, the durability, comfort and ergonomics of the products of furniture manufacturers used to remain in the forefront. Right now, BOYTEKS, with its innovative products, ensures that the manufacturers become distinct in the sector. The furniture manufacturers with their fabric preferences of BOYTEKS innovative products both increase their awareness in the market and enhance the added values of their products.

BOYTEKS is able to apply its entire innovations on fabrics of office furniture with its upholstery fabric product line. Furniture manufacturers are now able to become prominent in their markets with its unique products through special innovative products specific to BOYTEKS along with the well-known properties such as fabrics with fire-retardant properties.

One of the most substantial products is BALANCETECH. BALANCETECH is able to applique more than 20 different minerals in the nature to the fabrics and therefore achieved its objective. Thanks to BALANCETECH, the body communication of the users is improved and the body balance is maintained on the office furniture and other furniture groups utilizing upholstery fabric. Moreover, BOYTEKS, just like in its other innovative products, can easily prove the attribute of the fabric by a 5 minutes test. The entire BOYTEKS innovative products are certified and do not contain hazardous substances on human health.