Cooler Carpet

Cooler Carpet
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In fact we touch the carpets with our bare feet although sense of touch is mostly associated with our hands. Only the intensive tempo of the day awhile prevents it to distinguish that. Our feet that contains many nerve ending are accompanying us with an intensive pace all day long. First action is to take off our shoes to feel comfortable when we arrived home and this is almost so significant for us like resting on the bed. Our feet that is essential part of our body needs firstly the coolness in which they could not breathe fresh air all day within the shoes.

Within this context, Boyteks Rugs&Carpet offers such a coolness that will accompany us for the first time when we got into our home on the hot summer days. Cooler Carpet collection presents you comfort by bringing coolness together with it when touching the carpet after an intensive daily life activities or in need of coolness. As of the time first you feel the coolness your body will be cooled in a shorter time of period because of getting ready to be cooled for your continuing cooling actions and hence energy saving will also be achieved. The energy saving provided will also be the step taken on behalf of protecting our environment at the same time.

Night Pixie

Our carpets are one of our most significant accessories both in our homes and businesses. Carpets, besides physical benefits they present also create a visual harmony with their rich variety of figures and different colour alternatives. Boyteks Rugs&Carpet R&D engineers that believe that people spend more time only on the places where feel good themself converted the existing harmony into visual feast by moving further this concept one step ahead. Because, Boyteks Rugs&Carpet also desire to give emotional interest as well as positive essences with the innovative products it developed.

It is obviously good to present the pattern or a visual impact on the carpet by weaving. However, it is a delight of watching to see same or different patterns sparkling in the darkness. Boyteks Rugs&Carpet gave its carpets the property of sparkling when it gets dark by the process applied to the carpets presented. The carpets benefited from the sun light all day long put forth this light that was maintained in its body all day as figures when it gets dark and introduce a totally different ambience. Hence, Boyteks Rugs&Carpet carpets not only seem beautiful to us but also activate our feelings.