Carpets with a difference

Carpets with a difference
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Carpets keep our feet warm, carpets dampen noise, carpets decorate rooms and carpets function as passive dust and pollen filters. But Boyteks Tekstil is demonstrating that carpets are capable of even more. Their carpets clean air, provide a pleasantly-cooling sensation, improve the body’s biorhythm, reduce stress levels and also smell of roses.

How is this possible? Boyteks has set itself the task of not only creating fabulously-attractive designs, but carpets that have a positive influence on health and people’s wellbeing. For this, they have developed processes that transform their BCF yarns – manufactured using Oerlikon Neumag systems – into smart carpets.

The amethyst has been considered a healing stone for centuries now. It is believed that they have cleansing, inspiring and insight-providing properties. They are usually worn as necklace pendants. But why not walk, stand or even sit on amethysts for a change? That must be scratchy? Absolutely not! Boyteks has developed a carpet that contains amethyst particles, while still remaining wonderfully-soft. It is believed to have an invigorating effect and convert negative energy into positive.

And ‘Cooler’ by Boyteks is no less impressive. As a result of its thermal conductivity properties and thermal absorption capacities, this carpet can lower the skin’s temperature by approximately 1 °C. Hence, it is able to create a pleasantly-cooling room ambience, something very much in demand in warmer climates.

And ‘Triple Fresh’ also improves ambient wellbeing, as it rids the air of unpleasant odors and hazardous gases. A specially-developed metal complex woven into the carpet is the catalyst. Instead of just covering them up, it breaks down unpleasant and hazardous gases, creating pure air in the process.

These are just a few of the innovative, smart carpets that Boyteks has in its product portfolio. But the other products are no less striking, also catering to people’s wellbeing. Even though their descriptions may sound somewhat unusual, they are nonetheless quite ordinary carpets that are more that suitable for everyday use. Which makes them something truly special. We are very much looking forward to discovering what innovations Boyteks will be impressing us with in the future.

Founded in 2011 and located in the Turkish city of Kayseri, Boyteks Tekstil is one of the country’s largest carpet exporters. At its 112,000-square-meter facilities, Boyteks manufactures about 4 million carpets a year, deploying about 60% Oerlikon Neumag S+ systems in its production halls, among other things.