Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect
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Furniture and living space designs equipped with modest and large images put in their appearance within today’s living space trends. Designs, free from complicated patterns and ensuring the integrity through transition of a single colour, creates a concept in living spaces and furniture. Such concepts enounce a contemporary living space while acting as the messenger of comfort. While living space designs that can be shaped based upon furniture can easily accompany the style created by furniture, achieving this harmony with carpets that are indispensable accessories of living spaces and furniture is not that easy. Carpets, yet to have more practical functions, play a substantial role in décor products and properties such as easy to clean just like furniture are an important factor for users. Visual effect, which is the most important one, as well as their functional characteristics such as practical use and easy to clean, is embedded in the carpet design.

Carpets, among the most important items affecting the visual opulence of living spaces equipped with furniture, attracts this attention by means of patterns. Carpet patterns, formed by various shades of a single colour on actual trends predominated by contemporary styles, entirely influence the integral by means of slight textures and change the countenance of living spaces. Just like decorations placed on a delicious cake, they offer the most effective visual appeal. Carpet designs with fine details with distressed patterns but not leading to complexity enliven the inert visual effect comprised of large images and modest colours.

Boyteks chenille carpet collection, featuring all those attributes within, is becoming to be in the limelight in American and European markets. Boyteks chenille carpet collection, manufactured in various colours, qualities and sizes, can easily be delivered to customers along with Boyteks machine-woven carpets. Boyteks continues to offer the spirit of handicraft carpets on the chenille carpets woven with distressed themed styles. Just like the effect of small flutters of a butterfly on the entire universe, Boyteks carpets attract attention on themselves within the areas there they are used and accompany thriving designs.