Boyteks Stands Out With Innovative Products

Boyteks Stands Out With Innovative Products
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BOYTEKS Tekstil has a quite substantial place within the sector as one of the most important suppliers of the furniture manufacturing enterprises in mattress ticking, upholstery fabric and carpet. Although still being a young corporation, it has become one of the world’s most important manufacturers of mattress ticking and upholstery fabric by shining among the long-established corporations thanks to its innovative and distinct point of view embraced as a principle. Customer oriented business approach underlies this success. Welcoming its customers through an approach in which the processes are managed conjointly instead of traditional mutual merchandising, Boyteks Tekstil is a true business partner for furniture manufacturers with its business principle of producing new ideas and shaping those based on its customers.

    Offering an extensive product portfolio ranging from velvet and nubuck fabric from office and garden furniture upholstery fabrics, Boyteks Tekstil receives a great deal of attention from not only the furniture sector but also various sectors with the its product variety and the quality of its products.

The principle adopted in fabric manufacturing is to specialize the products of the furniture manufacturers instead of merely selling the textile products to them. In this context, by presenting the publicity and advertising materials to its customers to be used in their advertising campaigns and activities, Boyteks Tekstil also provides support and assistance to marketing activities as well as offering support in terms of products.

Boyteks Tekstil, cutting a wide swath with its innovative products in particular, crossing line with flying colours with its products that make the lives of end users easy and not wasting their precious time and even offering support in terms of healthcare. Successfully emphasizing the flame retardant property on each product, Boyteks Tekstil offers the opportunity to the furniture manufacturers to diversify their brands through the products recovering the energy consumed in a tiring and exhaustive day in addition to the products that are easy to be cleaned and catching the latest trends and becoming popular recently.