Boyteks’ Fabrics with Magnetic Therapy Effect Draw a Great Deal of Attention

Boyteks’ Fabrics with Magnetic Therapy Effect Draw a Great Deal of Attention
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Boyteks, participating in Evteks Istanbul Trade Fair held between May 16-20 with its upholstery fabric products, presented its new collections to the visitors. Novelties and innovations in R&D products, warp knitting and velvet product groups attracted attention. Warp knitting nubuck fabrics as well as silvery and printed velvet fabrics got credit and attention of the furniture manufacturers. Decorative, aesthetic and innovative properties attributed by Boyteks to the fabrics used in furniture, office, garden and home textiles draw a great deal of attention. The new R&D product Magnerest upholstery fabrics with Magnetic therapy effect has become the favourite product of the visitors.

Boyteks R&D Manager Mr Özkan Yıldızhan, giving information about the Magnerest fabrics, stated that “Humans are just like a battery with (+) and (-) polarities. We receive cosmic energy by breathing the air, contacting with water, staying under the sunlight, stepping on the soil and consuming the food growing on the soil. The more energy flow we receive, healthier and sturdier our bodies shall be. The inherent magnetic field of the world is a nutrient balancing our body. We not only require sun, water and air but also the magnetic energy. Today, especially the people living in metropolitan cities are coming more and more alienated from the natural life and therefore the immune system is getting more and more weaker and defenceless resulting in reduction of the energy levels of individuals. It is a proven fact that confined metal frames such as concrete structures, vehicles and lifts disrupt the magnetic field. These hitches result in natural magnetic field deficiency in individuals and the natural magnetic field deficiency weakens the muscles, lowers our energy levels, slows down the blood flow, thus paving the way for unprovoked pains and ailments. Today, magnetic therapy centres and magnetic products are used for the treatment of this deficiency. We are bringing this therapy in your homes with Boyteks Magnerest upholstery fabrics. Our Magnerest fabrics, created by threads with magnetic properties, offer magnetic therapy to users in home cosiness and comfort.”

Magnerest upholstery fabrics are a highly effective option for the furniture manufacturers intending to make a difference and become prominent in the furniture market facing a fierce competition.