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  • Supports the renewal of cells
  • Distinctly helps you wake up more fresh and energetic in the morning
  • Has a positive bioenergy effect on your sleeping environment
  • Supports cell regulating
  • Helps relieve sleeping problems
  • Contributes to increasing the quality of sleep


The Serenity of Yoga In Your Bed

Trying to keep up with the pace of modern life can take its toll on your body and mind. The ideal solution to relieve the exhaustion of the day and make sure all your body functions are normal and healthy is a sound sleep. Produced with the contributions of special minerals, YogaRythm mattress ticking supports body cell activity by stimulating the body with currents throughout your sleep.

The YogaRythm mattress ticking designed by Boyteks to bring innovation, energy and serenity to your life, helps to refresh your body with its anti stress feature, and the comfort provided during sleep adds positivity to daily life. The fresh touch and energy you expect from yoga is presented to you with quality sleep inspired by yoga. YogaRythm will calm your body and provide tranquility and serenity. It will create a harmony between day and night. Each sleep will turn into a meditative journey, just as if you were doing yoga in the heart of nature. So, you will wake up more energetic and refreshed in the mornings.


Body Cell Activity

Anti Stress

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