Umorfil® Beauty Fiber®

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  • Skin friendly with a natural structure
  • Creates a silky touch
  • Helps moisture control
  • Thermal Regulation
  • Removes odors
  • Does not lose features with washing



Are you able to protect your skin?

Since people started living in cities their skin has gotten use to comfort and become exceedingly more sensitive. Many factors from air pollution to bad eating habits have a negative impact on skin. This has made the surfaces that skin comes into contact with and especially materials used in textiles more important.

Sensitive skin that is affected by the conditions in daily life needs special care and protection. UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber®, which was developed for this very purpose, is a fiber produced from all natural ingredients. The moisturizing feature takes the soft feeling a step further. This secret of nature that has broken new ground in the textile world is not only environmentally friendly but suitable for skin care use. This material, which shines with a silky feature, also has superior moisture control like wool.

Comfortable Nights, Lovely Mornings

There are various ways of personal care and all are applied differently as well as time consuming… Now you have another choice and all you have to is to sleep. This beauty sleep is enabled through Boyteks’ World of innovation.

The Most Beautiful Form Of Technology

Through research, an element of innovation, the miracles of nature enter our lives in different forms. Technology is capable of combining many different features in one. Now Boyteks is adding another new product to its exclusive line of products in mattress fabrics. The mattress fabrics with UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber® improve the quality of sleep and the beauty care during sleep at the same time.

Introducing A Perfectly Smooth Touch

The biodegradable nature of UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber® is in harmony with both your body and nature. This is one of the reasons why the product has acquired the name Beauty Fiber®. This fabric has a very superior degree of moisture protection. Its ingredients promote smoother and more elastic skin.


With moisture management this fiber is a protector for skin, comforting with an antistatic feature and hygiene friendly with odor removal. With the UMORFIL® Beauty Fiber® mattress fiber you will get much more than just a silky touch.


Moisture Management


Skin Friendly

Silky Touch

Bio Technology

Exclusively Boyteks

Environment Friendly


Thermal Regulation

Permanent Feature


Non Irritating

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