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Safe sleep, healthy wake up…

Safety and hygiene

Safety and hygiene are the two basic features looked for in mattress ticking. Up to now, these two features were presented separately. The inventor of innovative sleep technologies, Boyteks has combined these two features in one smart fabric; Safe&Clean. Safe&Clean is one of the smartest technologies developed for hygienic sleep with its improved air transfer capacity, stain and water repellence. Due to chemical reactions, features such as flame retardancy as well as dirt repellence were difficult to apply on same fabric. Yet, Safe&Clean technology is distinctive in that it bears all these features in one fabric. The flame retardant feature of Safe&Clean has been tested by the accredited test laboratories.

Features of Safe&Clean mattress ticking

Safe&Clean’s flame retardant features have been verified by test results.

Safe&Clean’s water repellant feature helps keep fabric clean longer.

Withstands washing:
Safe&Clean’s flame retardant and water repellant characteristics withstand washing

Uninterrupted air flow:
Safe&Clean mattress ticking’s water repellant feature is attained through a special method that does not involve coating, thus allows air to flow through. The special method lets Safe&Clean mattress ticking maintains its water repellant features as well as allowing for the free flow of air through the fabric.


Flame Retardant

Suitable for Hospitals

Air Permeability

Safe and Clean

Easy to Clean

Suitable for Hotels

Water and Stain Repellent

Test Reports