Quantech Sleep

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  • Helps regain the energy you have lost all day while you sleep.
  • Helps relieve fatigue during sleep.
  • Naturally therapeutic energy.
  • Has far infrared feature.
  • Absorbs and dries out perspiration quickly.
  • Deodorization.
  • Washable.

The Quantech Sleep contributes to the body health by helping regularly the spreading out on large surfaces of the body cellules.


Regain your energy while you sleep!

Sleep’s energy source

In nature, all living and non-living things maintain perfect energy equilibrium. Humans need to maintain a specific level of energy to function healthily. Mental exhaustion as well as city life and built up stress from daily life deteriorate our energy levels. We start the day off tired if depleted energy levels are not refreshed during sleep.

Boyteks has designed a new sleep formula called Quantech Sleep, the result of combining the five colors energy stones formed in nature with nanotechnology. Quantech Sleep technology helps restore the energy you’ve lost all day long so you can wake up relaxed and refreshed.

How it works?

Each object in the universe contains certain level of energy.  According to the principles of quantum energy, every object emits a specific wavelength of energy dependent on its energy or in other words, its temperature.  The five different colored energy stones comprising the Quantech Sleep mattress fabric emits a certain wavelength and this radiant energy creates a therapeutic atmosphere during sleep.
Bringing nature’s miraculous healing energy to bed…


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