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  • Supports natural allergen control
  • Helps reduce pets allergens: Dog and cat hair allergens
  • Contains probiotics, entirely harmless for human health


Enjoy a Happy Life With Your Beloved Pet!

Having a pet in your home can be a wonderful thing. They provide companionship, entertainment, and lots of love. Surely you will have many beautiful memories in your common life with your pet. However, you may experience allergy symptoms in this long-term shared life. It’s important that you find a way to keep these issues under control so that you can continue to enjoy a happy life with your beloved pet. We know that the bond you share with them is deep and profound. And of course sometimes you are sharing your bed with your furry friend. You will have extra concerns when choosing a mattress as a pet owner. We know that you will look for comfort and design that you like but you should also think about your pet. Your furry friend will be able to enjoy the bed just like you. That’s why Boyteks developed Pet Friendly mattress ticking to support your common life with your beloved pet.

How Does Pet Friendly Mattress Ticking Work?

Pet Friendly mattress ticking contains special probiotics in its structure.

These probiotics use pet allergens in the living area as a source of food, thus reducing the amount of allergens in the environment naturally.

Pet Friendly mattress fabric provides a natural allergen control.

What Causes a Pet Allergy?

The role of the immune system is to find foreign substances, such as viruses and bacteria, and get rid of them. Normally, this response protects our bodies from dangerous diseases. Persons with pet allergies have over-sensitive immune systems. They can react to harmless proteins in the pet’s urine, saliva or dander. The symptoms that result are an allergic reaction; the substances that cause allergic reactions are allergens. Pet allergens can collect on furniture and especially other surfaces like mattresses. The allergens will not lose their strength for a long time. Sometimes the allergens may remain at high levels for several months and cling to surfaces. Pet allergens can also be stirred into the air where the allergens have settled. This can happen during dusting, vacuuming or other household activities. Once airborne, the particles can stay suspended in the air for long periods.


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