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  • Olive oil applied using microcapsule technology provides flawless softness and improved moisture capacity for the skin, helping skin rejuvenate throughout sleep.
  • Helps soften skin and improves its elasticity.
  • Helps create a thermal comfort environment during sleep.
  • Helps provide anti-oxidant features.
  • Helps provide anti-aging features.
  • Soft touch.


Feel nature’s purity on your mattress!

Health from nature

The innovative sleep technology brand Boyteks, takes inspiration from another miracle of nature. From the symbol of wealth, fame and peace… A tree that is the subject of many legends from the earliest times of history… Introducing a brand new sleep technology miracle inspired by the olive tree. This miracle is called Olivoil!

Accepted worldwide as one of the fundamental elements of a good diet and known for benefitting all your organs, olive oil is one of nature’s most effective medicines. Olive oil contains vitamins E, A, D and K which renew cells and slow the ageing process. This was the exact miracle feature that inspired Boyteks when developing Olivoil. Minimizing the effects of ageing on your skin and challenging time was our intention.

Microcapsule technology of Olivoil

Olivoil mattress ticking enjoins all of the rejuvenating effects of olive oil thanks to the latest microcapsule technology so that it helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance while adding a flawless softness and touch of beauty to skin throughout sleep. Plus, this fabric has an extraordinary soft touch and feel.



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