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  • Does not effect the touch, pile, look, flexibility or air flow features negatively.
  • Supports the environment by minimizing the need to wash frequently; thereby saving on water, energy and detergent.
  • Nanoclean helps make textiles more durable and longer using.
  • Nanoclean is durable to friction and pressure yet does not compromise on comfort, feel, flexibility or free air flow.
  • Nanoclean’s dirt and oil repellency lasts for a long time. Ketchup, coffee, honey, red wine and many other materials are easily cleaned off from nano structured mattress ticking.
  • Nanoclean’s protective features remain active even after numerous washing.
  • Nanoclean does not require use of softeners.
  • Ironing improves Nanoclean’s performance.


Naturally self-cleaning

Inspired by the nature

Lotus leaves and fly wings are always clean. Water droplets and dust do not stick on their surface. This natural non-stick and cleaning process is permanently transferred to the textile surface by means of nanotechnology. This phenomenon is called “nanoclean” or in other words self-cleaning effect. Inspired by the lotus and the wings of the fly, Boyteks concentrates on self-cleaning fabrics. Nanoclean is a self-cleaning, ecologically sound, multi-functional sleep solution. Nanoclean conforms to the Bluesign® Standard and will not harm human health or the environment in any way.


Energy Saving

Easy to Clean

Nano Technology

Water and Stain Repellent