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  • Cleans the sleep environment air.
  • A sure clean air solution that doesn’t mask or confine unwanted odors.
  • Diffuses and eliminates unwanted odors that negatively affect the human health.
  • Helps put an end to allergies, headaches, nausea and eye irritation resulting from exposure to harmful gases.
  • Improved sleep quality directly contributes to better quality of life.
  • Lasting feature does not diminish over time, continues in endless cycle.
  • Waste free reaction maintains hygiene.
  • Wash–resistant and environmentally friendly product



Fresh air, Sound sleep, Healthy life…

A breath of fresh air, while you sleep!

Boyteks’ product development philosophy is simply to produce the best for the most comfortable, highest quality sleep. Research towards this end has shown that poor sleep environment air quality is an important reason for deteriorating sleep quality. That’s why Boyteks has made it a point to improve the air of your sleep environment as well.

Boyteks works non-stop to take sleep quality to ever higher levels with break-through sleep technologies, including “Triple Fresh” to quality sleep. Triple Fresh’s specially formulated metal complex acts as a catalyst to decompose odorous hazardous gases like formaldehyde, ammonia, acetic acid and nicotine and transforms them into respiratory waste. Unlike previous products developed to treat odors, Triple Fresh is a sure solution for refreshing the ambient air by actually diffusing unwanted odors rather than masking or confining them. This technology triggers continuous purification process for indoor air making it possible to maintain maximum healthy air quality all the time.

How does Triple Fresh work?

Triple Fresh mattress ticking makes an impact in any room. Triple Fresh’s special formula metal complex has a 3 way catalyst effect that reacts directly with harmful gases in the ambient air, leaving them harmless. The 3 way catalyst effect speeds the reaction time as well as helping it carry on endlessly.


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