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  • Nano-scale design with inspiration from nature
  • Photocatalytic self-cleaning with light
  • Helps to eliminate organic pollutants by using light
  • Hydrophobic (water repellent), oleophobic (oil repellent) and therefore stain-repellent
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable to washing
  • Does not hold dirt and moisture, preventing bacterial reproduction on the fabric surface
  • Environmentally friendly and user friendly



Technology that makes life easier

Another innovation in mattress fabrics developed by Boyteks.

Photocatalytic technology

Photocatalytic technology is a nanotechnology that has the function of generating a chemical reaction using the energy of light and cleaning the surface of organic impurities with light. Photo catalytic coatings remove the organics in the air, the water and on various surfaces by using the photocatalytic effect mechanism (dirt, germs, bacteria, odors and harmful organic chemicals). Photocatalytic technology is used on ceramic and porcelain surfaces, in photocatalytic concrete and dyes and all kinds of metal and glass surfaces, fabric and textile surfaces and wooden surfaces, making life easier.

How Does Self Cleaning Mattress Fabric Work?

Self Cleaning has been developed with photocatalytic effect technology. Self Cleaning mattress fabric removes organic dirt molecules by using UV light from the sun and various lamp lights. The self-cleaning catalyst enables the UV rays to transform organic impurities to water and carbon dioxide.




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