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  • Disperses negative ions.
  • Helps improve sleep quality.
  • Helps ease oxygen intake.
  • Helps relieve fatigue.
  • Helps start the day off right.


Negative ion technology from nature

Oxygen therapy

Waterfalls, woods, mountains… Do you think why these are the places where human being feels best? The water to fall from the waterfall, the waves in the ocean, photosynthesis of the plants, events like storm and wind; all naturally trigger formation of negative ion in atmosphere thus increasing the air quality. Negative ions ensure harmful particles such as bacteria in the air, smoke, pollution and carbon dioxide to fall into ground by getting heavy, thereby cleaning the air with better quality. For this reason, people in such places feel more energetic in the mornings. The experiments certify that the number of negative ion around Niagara Waterfall is over 100.000 unit/cbm. In other words, Niagara Waterfall is a natural habitat with largest negative ion emission of the world.

Density of negative ion in nature

Waterfalls : 50.000 ion/cbm
Mountains : 8.000 ion/cbm
Seas : 4.000 ion/cbm
Forests : 3.000 ion/cbm
City centers : 200 ion/cbm
Houses : 20 ion/cbm

Inspired by such natural events, Boyteks introduces OxygenPlus into sleep comfort thus bringing the freshness of waterfall, forest and mountains into your mattress.


How OxygenPlus works?

The air we breathe in contains molecules of both positive and negative electric charges in other words, the ions. The harmful particles in the air are positive charged. The negative charged ions pull these harmful positive charged particles like a magnet. Harmful particles that combine with the negative ions fall into ground when they are too heavy to stay in the air thus getting away from the air we breathe in.

The researches to see the impact of this natural reaction on sleep prove that the negative ions ionise and clean the air.

OxygenPlus mattress ticking offers a natural freshness to your sleep quality by providing ion emission in the sleep atmosphere and eliminates harmful particles thus increasing the quality of air we breathe in.


Negative Ion

Easy respiration
Decrease in allergic reactions
Do not cause headache
Fast recovery from fatigue

Positive ion

Decrease in respiration quality
Increase in allergic reactions
Can cause headache especially after wake up
Long term fatigue

The particles in the air we breathe in;

  • Biologic: Bacteria, virus, mould, fungi, pollen, mite etc…
  • Chemical: Smoke, harmful gases, heavy metals etc…

The solution is to use Boyteks OxygenPlus mattress ticking…


Negative Ion Technology


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