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  • Has a permanent magnetic feature
  • It is an alternative therapy method
  • Enhances melatonin (sleep) hormone
  • Helps to decrease the cortisol (stress) hormone
  • Helps to prolong the deep sleep duration
  • Shortens the duration to fall asleep
  • Helps to relieve muscle and joint pain
  • Ensures to wake up and start the day energetic
  • Washable



Orbit of Sleep

Magnerest mattress ticking offers you a magnetic therapy which is tested and approved scientifically. It helps to increase the hormone melatonin for better sleep. The comfort gathers round Magnerest.

Don’t Get Adversely Affected By The Lack Of Magnetic Field

The world is changing rapidly under the influence of technology and new living styles. When trying to catch the rhythm of life and embracing the spirit of time, our bodies are becoming more exhausted and our sleeping pattern is adversely affected by this situation.

The presence of the magnetic field that surrounds us in space, just like gravity, is a proven scientific fact. The fact that the compasses do not point in the same direction in different places is merely one of the proofs of existence of this magnetic field that ranges all the way from the earth to the sky. All living or non-living beings have their own magnetic fields and everything is under the influence of this magnetic field called the “Magnetosphere” with its own magnetic field. However, the effect of this magnetic field is diminishing.

With the Magnerest mattress ticking developed by Boyteks, it is possible to avoid the effects of the diminishing magnetic field deficiency and to render your life more productive by regaining the energy saved during sleep.

Magnetic Therapy with Magnerest During Sleep

The magnetic field in the human body comes from the movement of bioelectric charges. Human beings, aside from their own magnetic fields, are naturally under the influence of the magnetic field, and the magnetic field of the human body moves in harmony.

But this harmony can break down due to various reasons. Many scientific studies have been conducted for what is referred to as the “Magnetic Field Deficiency”.

One of the most renowned researches in this field is the study conducted by the Japanese physician Prof. Dr. Nakagawa’s* work conducted on more than 10,000 patients. Nakagawa’s studies have concluded that many problems that arise are caused mainly by the weakening state of the magnetic field surrounding the human organism.

Linus C. Pauling **, an American who has twice won the Nobel Prize, has proven that the iron-containing hemoglobin in our blood has magnetic properties. As such, the blood circulation rate increases as a result of the magnetic field effects. Thus, more oxygen and nutrient transport is provided to cell structures.

Boyteks has developed the Magnerest mattress ticking to help alleviate the setbacks caused by the magnetic field reduction in today’s world. The hormone melatonin, also called the sleep hormone, is directly affected by the magnetic field. For a good and healthy sleep, the melatonin hormone and the magnetic field must be at a steady level. The magnetic field created by the Magnerest mattress ticking provides a magnetic effect during sleep and increases the melatonin hormone.

This magnetic therapy during sleep helps in reducing the cortisol (stress) hormone while relieving aches. By virtue of this magnetic therapy, sleep quality is enhanced and a more lively status during awakening is achieved.

The Magnerest Technology

The magnetic field created by the Magnerest mattress ticking which is developed by Boyteks, passes through the tissue in waves and forms a current.

The positive effects of the Magnerest mattress ticking have been tested by independent laboratories. As the test results indicate, the mattress ticking is proven to improve sleep quality and increase the melatonin hormone.




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