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  • Cooler has a high temperature flow capacity due to the thermal conductivity features
  • Cooler with a high value of thermal absorptivity gives a cooling sense
  • Provides thermal comfort environment in sleep thanks to water vapor permeabilty and cooling sense



Deep Sleep on A Cool Bed!

Sleep…the essential for a healthy life. Considering we spend a third of our lives asleep, the importance of sleep is all the more apparent. Staying cool is an important component of good sleep.

A certain drop in body temperature is to be expected before falling asleep. High ambient temperature makes it difficult for the body to reduce its temperature. It’s difficult for the body to reduce Its temperature when the ambient temperature is high, making it difficult to  fall asleep. Reduced body temperature makes it easy to fall asleep and improves sleep quality. That’s why sleep technology leader BOYTEKS developed Cooler mattress ticking.

COOLER Mattress Ticking Technology

Cooler mattress ticking provides a sense of cool that helps the body stay cool. Cooler maximizes sleep quality by providing a relaxing sleep environment.

Feel refreshed, and fall asleep quicker with the extra comfortable sleep environment provided by Cooler mattress ticking.


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