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  • Provides thermal comfort
  • It is a customized mattress fabric
  • It has Biomimetic technology
  • Dries quickly
  • Has a constantly working mechanism and does not deteriorate in performance over time
  • It’s a  personalized product that ensures individual comfort
  • Washable


Best Sleep Experience with Customized Heat and Moisture Balance

A Technology Inspired by Nature and Life

Nature holds a number of different living organisms with different characteristics. Analyzing living organisms that exist in nature using engineering methods and defining their biological structure, movements and other functions within engineering knowledge is defined as Biomimetics. Various robots, machines, devices and systems are designed with Biomimetics.

The Biomimetics approach is also widely used in the field of textiles. For example, fabrics have been developed with inspiration from lotus leaves which have self cleaning and hydrophobe abilities. Similarly, the special structure in the wings of a Morhpo butterfly with iridescent color increases the intensity of incoming light and makes colors appear shinier. This technology is currently used in the field of fashion.

How Does Customood Work?

Customood mattress ticking is sensitive to heat and moisture. Thus it has a distinct ability to adapt to changing heat and moisture conditions. The structure of the Customood mattress ticking has the ability to open and close according to temperature and moisture just like the human skin. The fabric structure, which opens in moist conditions when there is a lot of perspiring, quickly evaporates the moisture. When unwanted parameters like moisture and heat disappear from the environment the fabric returns to its previous form. Customood also functions in a customized way maintaining different heat and moisture balance for individuals sleeping in the same environment to provide a real customized sleeping environment.


Exclusively Boyteks

Air Permeability

Permanent Feature


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