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Moisture management and Breathability

Total Sleep Comfort

Sweating is one of the body’s natural mechanisms to stay cool. However if you are not getting a full night sleep due to this, it is an obvious problem. Therefore keep an eye out for night sweats which causes tired feeling upon awakening.

Engineered with special technology to wick moisture and enhance drying, Coolmax® mattress ticking helps you stay dry and energized – exactly what you need to feel comfortable during the night. Coolmax® is a high performance fabric which dries fast compared to other mattress ticking with similar features and balances body moisture. Through this advantage Coolmax® minimizes tiredness caused by perspiration during your sleep and maximizes sleep quality thereby providing you with sound sleep.

How it works?

Coolmax® mattress ticking absorbs the moisture spreading it out across fabric to enhance evaporative drying rate.

Benefits of Coolmax® mattress ticking

  • Helps keep you cooler, dryer and more comfortable.
  • Absorbs excess moisture.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Soft touch as well as light and breathe through feature.
  • Easy care.
  • Washable.


Thermal Regulation

Permanent Feature