Clima Natura

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Ideal balance in temperature

Temperature balance

Clima Natura mattress ticking, absorbing and releasing the heat in the atmosphere is a sleep technology which adjusts the heat on two faces. Regulating the heat waves in the atmosphere, Clima Natura provides sleep comfort thanks to its microclimate feature which creates coolness in hot and warmth in cold. Clima Natura prevents the formation of bacteria and its anti-static feature enables it to keep the static electricity away from the body.

Working principle of PCM

Clima Natura mattress ticking takes its thermal regulation feature from the heat sensitive materials in the fibers of the yarn. This technology is called as phase changing materials (PCM). The phase changing materials in the fabric provide coolness by taking heat from the atmosphere when it is hot and changing it into liquid and provide warmth by releasing heat to the atmosphere when it is cold and changing it into solid. Clima Natura, whose technology withstands washing, increases comfort of by decreasing the level of heat change thanks to its smart heat management system.

Features of ClimaNatura mattress ticking

  • Thermo-regulation
  • Anti-static
  • Superior sleep comfort
  • Wash durable

Clima Nature helps your body regulate and maintain ideal body sleep temperature.


Phase Change Materials

Thermal Regulation