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Feel like walking on the sand…

Meditate while you sleep

Sleep is vital for all of us. You must have heard people around you saying early in the morning that “I feel knackered today.” Human body and mind are exposed to stress and fatigue at different levels throughout the day. For this reason, you may not be able to wake up refreshed despite long-hours of sleep.

Carbon is a technology developed as a solution to this problem. Boyteks uses carbon fiber in mattress ticking to create an anti-stress and anti-static effect which helps remove stress and negative energy from the body. Carbon mattress ticking helps renew the body and mind and invites you to a therapeutic sleep.

Features of Carbon mattress ticking

  • Anti-static and anti-stress features.
  • Anti-static feature helps keep the negative energy away from the body.
  • Helps remove static electricity.
  • Helps minimize the stress and fatigue.
  • Durable to long-term washing.


Anti Stress

Anti Static

Permanent Feature