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  • The fabric helps reduce the nose congestion that occurs during sleep
  • It eliminates the state of waking up tired, fatigue throughout the day, sleepiness and lack of concentration that come with an unhealthy sleep due to nose congestion
  • It provides a refreshing sleeping atmosphere
  • It is effective throughout your sleep and does not require additional application


Some solutions do not leave their marks

Healthy Breathing, Sound sleep

Breathing through your nose is fundamental for healthy respiration. It is important for nose functions to be normal for respiration continuity. In addition to enabling respiration, the nose is vital
because it moisturizes and heats the air that is breathed and it enables you to smell and taste.
Pollution and cold weather cause nose congestion and increase other related negative aspects. Nose congestion is an important factor in deteriorating living quality.

Take a Deep Breath with Breathe Easy!

Not being able to breathe through your nose during sleep leads to breathing with your mouth open, waking up tired, lack of concentration, headaches, chronic fatigue and many similar problems.

Making sure the room stays humidified, keeping your head higher than normal when reclining, cleaning your nose with saline before bed, dispensing drops of herbal products on your pillow and the collar of your clothing and applying products to your chest and back are some of the traditional methods used for reducing nose congestion until now.

Now there is a whole new solution to these problems. The Breathe Easy mattress ticking developed by the Boyteks R&D team is the new supporter of sound sleep and healthy living with an innovative technology.

How Does Breathe Easy Work?

The Breathe Easy mattress ticking developed by Boyteks is a brand new alternative to solving these problems that occur during sleep. With the micro capsule technology within the structure of the Breathe Easy fabric the product provides healthy respiration and a perfect sleeping experience. The natural eucalyptus and menthol aroma encapsulated in the microcapsules during sleep reduces nose congestion and the resulting problems that come with it.


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