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  • Helps protect body from radiation during sleep.
  • Promotes excellent quality of sleep.
  • Helps prevent the stress by reducing static electricity.
  • Helps you start the day off right.
  • Helps regulate the body’s biorhythm.



Electromagnetic Barrier

What is Biocare technology?

Biocare fabrics have been developed after years of study by using nano-technologic yarns with a special weaving system. Biocare fabrics, which acquire
electromagnetic screening by this way, help prevent the contact of electromagnetic waves with body by 98,5% during sleep and thus functions
as a magnetic barrier.

1/3 of human life is spent on sleep. Human body, which is more or less exposed to electromagnetic radiation during the day, can defend itself when awake, but becomes totally vulnerable during the sleep. Boyteks has introduced Biocare and brought a magnetic barrier technology against radiation for healthy and quality sleep!

Biocare fabric with nets of special metal yarn keeps electromagnetic waves, which spreads non-ionized radiation, away from the body by 98,5 % and provides maximum protection.

Biocare fabric was developed as a way to ward off the electromagnetic waves that we are increasingly in contact with.  The prevalent use of electronic devices like mobile phones and electrical transformers means that we are more exposed to non-ionized electromagnetic waves than ever in history.  The harmful effects of these daily items range from stress to sleep disorders and headaches among a variety of ailments.  Biocare is scientifically proven to ward off electromagnetic waves.


Anti Static

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