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  • Ensures natural detox effect
  • Entraps the toxins and prevents penetration into the body
  • Helps for the reduction of harmful volatile compounds
  • Ensures a more refreshed sleep environment and enhances the sleep quality
  • Skin-friendly product


The Wellness Effect of Clay From Volcanos

Our body is exposed to more and more toxins by the environmental effects such as ever-increasing industrialization and technology advancements of the 21 century. This situation is further deteriorated by malnutrition. Toxins include exhaust gases, volatile organic compounds and heavy metals. Human body is exposed to toxins through respiration, contact or digestion. Getting rid of toxin agents or purification methods are named as detox. The main goal of detox is to diminish the effect of the harmful toxins accumulating in our body. Boyteks now developed Bentonite mattress ticking to protect the body against the toxins in the sleep environment.

How Does Bentonite Mattress Ticking Work?

Bentonite, one of the renowned and best detox agent, is used for the development of this ticking. It provides detox effect during sleep. Bentonite diminishes the effect by entrapping the harmful toxins found on the environment thanks to its polar gravitational force. Thus, ensures in-vitro detox effect. It has also a detox effect on the body by removing toxins from the body surface.

What is Bentonite?

Bentonite is a type of clay formed by the chemical decomposition of volcanic ash, tuff and lava. The ashes spewed out of volcanoes and thrown into seas as a result of intense volcanic activities. They were slowly exposed to transformation and formed bentonite. It’s used as detoxification material because of its ability to remove toxic substances from the body.


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