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It inactivates many odors produced by our body with its special formula of complex combination.

  • Cleans the sleep environment air.
  • A sure clean air solution that doesn’t mask or confine unwanted odors.
  • Diffuses and eliminates unwanted odors that negatively affect the human health
  • Improved aleep quality life.
  • Lasting feature does not diminish over time, continues endless cycle.
  •  Waste free reaction maintains hygiene.



Still awake while you sleep

Our sense of smell, one of our senses making life meaningful, is active for 24 hours and continues to sense the smells around us even when we’re asleep.

Scents effect our sleep very much and bad odors decrease our sleep quality. This is why Boyteks developed a rew technology for fresh nights against all kinds of bad odors that may occur around you and your loved ones.

Aura Fresh…
AuraFresh was developed to eliminate odors instead of masking or hiding them. It provides definite solution and its effects don’t decrease in time, providing a fresh sleeping environment.

How does Aura Fresh work?

Aura Fresh’s specially formulated complex compounds diffuses and eliminates all unwanted odors based urine hydrogen, sulfide. methyl mercaptan and ammonia resulting from the body and environment during the sleep.


Exclusively Boyteks

Environment Friendly



Non Irritating

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