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  • Helps moisture balance of skin.
  • Supports natural protective layer of the skin.
  • Helps skin care.
  • Provides superior softness.
  • Helps rejuvenate the skin.
  • Wash durable.

Anti-aging will help you fight the effects of aging and look refreshed and younger…


Forever young

Beauty sleep

Boyteks invites you into beauty sleep by microcapsule technology from nature’s gifts. Here are the 3 miraculous secrets of the healthy and youth skin. While you are sleeping, the aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E are released from microcapsules.

Vitamin E:
Vitamin E protects the skin against outside and aging effects, helps moisturize the skin and provides permanent softness.

Aloe vera:
Aloe vera, a miraculous plant including many nutritious substances from vitamin to mineral, amino acid to enzyme, helps protect elasticity and freshness of the skin, supports the natural protective layer and moisturizes the skin.

Jojoba oil;

Jojoba oil helps skin care and moisture balance thanks to its 100% purity and refreshing feature. It has a repairing effect on cellulite, hair, scars and wrinkles.