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  • Ensures quick moisture transfer thanks to its multi-channelled structure
  • Accelerates evaporation thanks to its wide surface area which speeds up drying
  • Its evaporation effect also helps keep cooler
  • Repels perspiration and moisture through quick spread of the water droplets
  • Provides the fabric with high air circulation which helps thermal regulation
  • Helps protect the users from temperature changes and keeping them sleep in comfort zone
  • Thanks to the special fibre structure, its features are permanent



Dual Thermo Regulation

When the heat changes during the night, the ambient temperature changes; the thermoregulation requirements of the human body are not always the same. All Season mattress ticking offers a smart technology which provides superior comfort with dual thermoregulation whatever the season. It is an ideal technology which prevents the sensation of cold by blocking sudden temperature changes when it is cold and keeping the heat and moisture away when it is hot.

***The hollow fibres with the smart fibre mix of All Season are one of the best insulation technologies for keeping warm known to the market.

***All Season transfers moisture 48% better than other fabrics. In other words, it has 48% higher capillarity in addition to 53% better evaporation performance than other products.


Permanent Feature